Our Logo

The meaning behind the ATAWHAI logo is the two koru represent the student and the other being whanau/community supporting them. The koru shape symbolises new life, growth, and a connection to papatuanuku (Mother Earth).


The mangopare shape within the koru shape represents the values that we are instilling in them whilst they are participating in our ATAWHAI programme. The mangopare shape symbolises natural abundance, strength and determination.


Our  Whakatauki, our motto

‘Whaia te iti kahurangi, ki te tuohu koe me he maunga teitei’

Pursue that which is precious, and

do not be deterred by anything less

than a lofty mountain.

A proverb which encourages one

to strive, to set goals, to persevere.



this is a Maori acronym - In English it means


Awhitia: To embrace, cherish

Te rangatahi: The youth, young person

Akona: To learn, study, instruct, advise

Whakawhitia: To exchange, cross over, transfer

He ara hou: A new pathway

Atawhaitia: Give kind attention

Inaianei tonu: Right now, instantly